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The Be, Do, Have Method – An Essential Mindset to Achieve Your Goals

As the first month of 2022 comes to an end, have you found yourself thinking: “Well, I blew my New Year’s resolution already.” Or, “I tried everything and it still didn’t work. Maybe I was kidding myself to think I could have reached that goal.”


Well, in today’s post, we’ll discover a concept that will shift your mindset and bring you closer to the successful life you really want – it’s called the Be, Do, Have Method

If you’re feeling stuck, discouraged, or like you just can’t seem to manifest what you want, this method may help change your reality.


What is the Be, Do, Have method?

The Be, Do, Have method is a powerful framework based on human identities, behaviours, and goals. It is an incredibly effective process that will help to encourage aligned action so you can quantum leap your goals into your reality with more ease and joy and less hustle. 

The challenge is that most people focus on the outcome of a goal, rather than the process for achieving a goal. For example, people tend to say things like:

“If I had more motivation, then I would exercise and be healthier.”   

“If I had more money, then I would travel and feel happier.”

“If I had more time, then I would start a business and be more financially stable”. 

In these examples, notice how being is the end goal – but when you follow the Be, Do, Have method, having should be the end goal. Basically, having something should not influence your behaviours or actions – it’s actually the reverse. 

In simple terms, having is the result of who you are being and what you are doing.  

Why the Be, Do, Have mindset is essential for success

Have you ever wondered what highly successful people have in common? No matter what field or industry someone is in, it’s always the same thing – mindset. 

The Be, Do, Have mindset is rooted in Being first. Those who are highly successful embody the qualities of being disciplined, committed, focused, and solution-oriented. 

What follows is having a solid strategy, discipline and execution. Productive people create every detail of their current physical and emotional realities based on their end goals. They learn the skills and develop the habits that are required to manifest what they want to achieve. 

Successful people are highly committed and use the right tools to stay on track. They know that being true to their values and doing the work is necessary to make their vision a reality. In order to succeed, one must have specific goals and even more specific plans.


How to use the Be, Do, Have Triangle

To implement the Be, Do, Have triangle (featured at the beginning of every week in the Aligned Planner + Journal) in your daily life, think about something you’d like to HAVE in your life. Get clear on your desire. Write it out in a manifestation planner. Allow yourself to visualize and have the feeling now even if it hasn’t happened yet. The more detailed your vision is, the easier it will be to plan out what needs to happen next. 

For example, perhaps your goal is to start your own business. First, you’ll need to determine who you would need to BE in order to be successful in achieving the goal. Would you need to be organized? Confident? Focused? Driven?

Once you’ve figured out the qualities that a successful business owner embodies, then consider the actions they would take. Do they embrace challenges? Do they stay informed on the latest trends in their industry? Do they show up on social media daily? How do they allocate their time each day?

The power of the Be, Do, Have model lies in becoming the person you need to be first, before you can have what you want. 

Let’s dive into this 3 step process a little further.




To BE means to embody the type of person that would achieve the desired outcome. Start by asking yourself: Who am I being right now? 

In the example of starting a business, check in with yourself daily to ensure you are showing up as a business owner would. Take a look within, connect with your purpose, and get honest with yourself. This can be challenging at first and requires deep reflection. Consider writing out some affirmations that describe the new, embodied version of you. 

When you are clear about who you need to be, you will consciously take actions that are in alignment with your new identity. And when your actions are aligned, the desired outcome is not far behind.


Once you’ve clarified your answer to being, the next step is to plan out what you need to be doing. To DO means to take aligned action that a person who already has it would take. Don’t hesitate to seek out mentors or people you admire and study their daily actions.

Knowing what you need to do is fairly straightforward. For example, if you want to get in shape, your action will be to create a workout schedule or meal plan. If you want to pay off debt, your action would be to create a payment plan and stick to it. 

This is where daily habits are super important. Once an action becomes a habit, it becomes easier to keep going even if the goal isn’t in reach just yet. Download this free Habit Tracker here to help keep you on track. 

Remember, your actions are essential to achieving results! 


The final piece of the triangle is having. To HAVE is the result of creating the reality of what you want in your life. Can you feel it?

Once you’ve achieved your goal, you’ll be able to reflect and determine whether your being and doing impacted the outcome. With time, you’ll consciously embody the Be, Do, Have mindset when setting your next goal. 

When you discover the way you need to be, you just might have more than you ever dreamt possible!


As Tony Robbins wrote, “It’s not just achieving a goal that matters, but the quality of life you experience along the way”. In order to achieve our goals consistently, we must learn to enjoy the process more than the result. 

The Be, Do, Have mindset is all about being intentional and making a conscious choice to show up as the highest version of yourself every day. You can truly have anything you want – if you’re brave enough to become it. 

So, what are your Be, Do, Have goals for 2022? Share them in the comments! 

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